Traditional and Roth IRA Interest Rates

Individual Retirement Account Selections

Name of SelectionType of AccountInterest EarningAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance to earn APY/open
Regular SavingsTraditional and Roth.05.05$0/$50.00
18 Month Traditional and Roth2.752.79$500.00/$500.00
24 MonthTraditional and Roth3.503.54$500.00/$500.00
30 Month Traditional and Roth2.252.27$500.00/$500.00
36 Month Traditional and Roth.55.55$500.00/$500.00
DISCLOSUREAt our discretion, KeySavings Bank may change interest rates on all interest earnings accounts. Fees may reduce the earnings on all interest earning accounts. Additional deposits will not extend maturity date.A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal from term accounts. Maximum additions to existing IRA Certificates with a term > 18 months are limited to year-end contributions, $25.00 minimum deposit. Larger deposit amounts (Rollovers and Transfers) may be allowed only to the 18 month IRA Certificate.



Lost or Stolen Debit Card

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