Bank History

     ………..Central Wisconsin’s premiere bank since 1920.


If the walls of our bank could talk:

1920's vs. 1930's

KeySavings Bank opened to serve the community in 1920. Our country was experiencing what we now call the Roaring 20’s during the beginning growth years. As our forefathers moved from the excitement of the 20’s into the economically desperate times of the 30’s and the Depression, KeySavings Bank remained. These were the years that our community bank became part of the fabric of central Wisconsin. Many of today’s members had relatives that chose KeySavings Bank to be their bank!



The 40’s and 50’s moved us through the trying times of WWII and into an economic expansion in housing and convenience. The United States witnessed the first building of suburbs and cars to make the daily trip to and from work. Keysavings Bank continue to add membership and provide home financing to help central Wisconsin build many of the homes we see in Wisconsin Rapids today.


The 1970's - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults – White Mountain Puzzles


Today’s members are more familiar with putting a man on the moon in the 1960’s, gas lines and hyper-inflation of the 70’s, the big hair , punk rock and breakdancing of the 80’s, the 90’s cannot be looked back at without mentioning the beginning of the internet, 1999 came and turned into 2000 without computers shutting down and KeySavings Bank persevered.



The past twenty plus years, and the expansion of the internet, personal computers, and all other types of technology have changed the way our members live and bank. Our hand held phones have more technology than Apollo 8.



The shift to digital banking had been building for many years even before the outbreak of Covid-19. KeySavings Bank will be uniting the exciting developments of Fin Tech with community banking needs to provide a suite of products that energize our members to face the financial challenges of the future,” comments Gerald D. Canon, CEO.

The Jetson’s were right.

Through all of the changes, the Bank has prospered. The Board of Directors, CEO and our Executive team remain committed to being a central Wisconsin community bank focused on strengthening the relationships of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

KeySavings Bank prospers because of our core values, our belief in the value of relationships and our lineage of strong leaders and not to go unmentioned, the passion of our teams.


The Past Presidents & CEOs of KeySavings Bank:

   F.W. Krueger 1926-1950                             W.T. Noble 1950-1957

     Geo E. Smith 1957-1967                               Dr. C. N. Nelson 1967-1970

   Erl Odegard 1971-1975                                   Edward T. Schill 1976-1987

     Earl L. Staege 1988-1994                             Geraldine J. Groskopf 1995-1999

     Lawrence H. Schmidt 2000-2015             Bruce W. Rokke 2016-2022


Thanks to the above individuals and all of their TEAMS for their incredible intuitiveness and hard work allowing KeySavings Bank to continue offering excellence in banking and helping central Wisconsin communities to grow and prosper.

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