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Why choose KeySavings Bank for your business needs

Personalized Service

When you walk into your KeySavings Bank, it feels awesome to be in a place where everyone knows your name. Personalized service helps you know this bank is taking your business’s circumstances into account when discussing financial needs and goals.

Local Decision-Making

In large financial institutions, the power to make decisions is often remote and centralized. Getting the services you need can take weeks or months because of slow-moving bureaucracy. In this bank, decisions are made by local professionals that are familiar with your marketplace and how you do business.

Fast Loan Decisions

Small businesses often require loans on short notice. Opportunities can crop up quickly—as can unexpected challenges. When your business faces either of these situations, you need loan funds fast. This bank will usually offer more flexible lending options and speedier turnaround times than larger institutions.

Banks That Are Involved in Your Community

KeySavings Bank isn’t  just aware of what’s happening in their neighborhoods; we often play a critical role in supporting the local economy. We provide vital roles in helping individuals and businesses in your community meet their financial needs. This gives them an invaluable understanding of the challenges your business faces. Also, you’ll often see your bankers at local community events, which helps put a face to a name.

Intuitive Mobile and Online Banking

This bank offers top-tier mobile and online banking because they listen to the concerns of their customers. So if you’re looking for a user-friendly online or mobile banking experience for your business, it can pay off to work with a smaller bank like KeySavings Bank. We are known for caring about our members experience and having incredible attention to detail, which often results in more thought-out features for you to leverage.

Actual Accessibility

If you want to know that you can access financial services when you need them, a community bank is the place to be. Being able to call the direct line of your trusted banker—or to walk into a local bank branch to address your concerns in person—is a far superior experience to being routed to a larger bank’s impersonal call center.

Real Relationships with Your Financial Experts

Starting a small business can feel incredibly lonely, and a lot is riding on your shoulders when you tackle complex financial matters solo. This bank is built on an entrepreneurial spirit. We understand the difficulties of wearing many hats to make your business successful. Your success is our success.

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  • "Our mission is to bring the "spirit of our community bank" to you. Our goal is to meet you in your space-personally or digitally. We value your trust and pledge to always meet your highest level of expectations,.
    Gerald D. Canon
    President & CEO

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