Money Markets

New Account Opening

What is a money market account?

A money market account is an interest-bearing account that you can open at KeySavings Bank. They are very similar to savings accounts, but they offer some checking account features as well. Note that money market accounts are different from money market mutual funds, which are not deposit accounts.

Money market accounts pay competitive rates and are a safe place to save your money. You may want to open a money market account if you want a predictable yield and a federally insured account.

Money market accounts support more ways to withdraw money than traditional or high-yield savings accounts.


Name of SelectionType of AccountInterest Earning Annual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance to earn APY/open
Personal-Insured Investment-Money Market.05.05$0/$1000
Personal Insured InvestmentMoney Market.10.10$10,000/$1,000
Personal-Platinum Tier 1Money Market.10.10$10,000-$49,999
Personal-Platinum Tier 2Money Market.20.10-.15$50,000-$99,999
Personal-Platinum Tier 3Money Market.30.15-.20$100,000-$149,999
Personal-Platinum Tier 4Money Market.35.20-.35$150,000 and more
DISCLOSUREAt our discretion, KeySavings Bank may change interest rates on all interest earnings accounts. Fees may reduce the earnings on all interest earning accounts.
DISCLOSUREPlatinum tiered account interest rates are for each tier. If you have money in Tier 4, the interest rate on money in Tier 1 receives interest rate pricing at the Tier 1 level, Tier 2 receives interest rate pricing at Tier 2 level, etc.

Please talk to one of our Personal Bankers to learn how to use a money market in addition to a savings account.

Sweeps Options

You can tie your accounts together so that money can automatically flow between each. Call for more details.

Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM card

If you have lost or had your ATM/Debit card stolen, please call us at 715-423-6460 during banking hours.