President’s Message

KeySavings Bank is a community-based, mutual bank meaning our members (you) own the bank with controlling interest provided by the Board of Directors and the President/CEO. Since you are an owner, with all of our other members, the staff at the Bank strive for member experiences that exceed expectations.

KeySavings Bank has been an integral partner in the central Wisconsin since 1920. Over the years we have had name changes but, remain committed to our philosophy of “You’ll feel right at home” once you walk through the front door. We remain committed to one-on-one personal service and making sure there is always someone to help walk you through today’s difficult, financial challenges.

Our commitment to the community we serve can be seen by engaging in community organizations such as the Elks Club 693, Rotary Club of Wisconsin Rapids, Chamber of Commerce for both, Adams-Friendship and Wisconsin Rapids, Rome Business Alliance are just a few. In addition, our staff create activities for the community to participate in, such as our annual Halloween Party for Children (of all ages), our annual Kids Color to Success contest, Casual Jean Day with participants donating money to the local United Way, organizing food drives for local organizations are just a few.

In 2023, KeySavings Bank has created a strategic initiative to expand bank services and products in lending and to local businesses. Scott Johnson, our Vice President of Lending, has built a ONE-STOP shop for you to buy your dream home, or if you are a real estate investor, acquire more properties with ease. Our business services have expanded to provide equipment leasing, business lines of credit, more depository opportunities and commercial real estate loans.

Most recently, bank closings are in mainstream media. The FDIC agreed to cover all deposits, even those greeter than the $250,000 maximum allowed at those bank closings. KeySavings Bank has other opportunities to make sure that your deposits, if greater then $250,00, are insured by using reciprocation or repurchase agreements. These are two products we offer.

I look forward to leading our dedicated team to making sure each and every touch is personalized and you leave feeling welcomed. Please stop by our Wisconsin Rapids office or visit us at our Rome location.

Appreciative of your time,

Gerald D. Canon


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