09/06/2019: Contact Information

If KeySavings Bank would need to contact you, would we be able to?  With the changes in communication methods, most of us now have cell phones.  Some of us no longer have “land” line phones and others can be contacted through their e-mail.

If your contact information has changed since you became a KeySavings Bank customer, we may not have your new information on file.  In order for us to provide the best possible customer service, we are asking you to furnish your current information.

Please complete the bottom portion, cut it off and return to KeySavings Bank.  We thank you in advance for your help.

My new contact information is:

Name (Please print):____________________________________________________________________

Telephone #:__________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone #:__________________________________________________________________________

Street:______________________________________________ P. O. Box:_________________________

City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address:________________________________________________________________________

Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:____________________