Bank Soundness

The basis to keep KeySavings Bank safe, sound and in compliance with the complex banking environment begins with our staff, the leadership team, the executive team and our Board of Directors. Our entire TEAM focuses on the following Core Values.

Our Financial Strength-Measurements

The financial strength of KeySavings Bank is measured and monitored using various financial ratios viz. efficiency ratio, profitability ratio, capital adequacy ratio, income-expenditure ratio, deposits and return ratios along with closely monitoring concentrations of deposits and loans to assure our members safety and soundness.

Our Financial Controls-Examinations and Audits

On an annual basis we have compliance, interest rate risk and financial controls audited by third party teams. In addition to that, the staff has internal controls that provide a strong checks and balance effort to review deposits, loans, and many other activities. The regulatory agencies of FDIC and Department of Financial Institutions complete regularly scheduled examinations focusing on compliance, safety and financial soundness.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your Debit Card is lost or stolen, please call 715-423-6460 during working hours.

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KeySavings Bank is a mutual bank....meaning that all of our clients are members. Members enjoy the benefits of reduced fees, lower interest rates on loans and more investment opportunities.