91 Day CD

KeySavings Bank offers a savings product to meet your needs. To obtain more information, or open an account, just stop by one of our convenient locations.

  • $1,000 minimum deposit to open
  • Account closed if balance falls below $1,000
  • Fixed term certificate, no additions allowed during term
  • Interest rate set by Bank. Interest rate will be effective for the term of the account
  • Interest is figured on a daily balance, credited to the account at maturity. Interest will not be compounded
  • Interest payment methods: posted to the account at maturity, check sent at maturity, or transferred to another KeySavings Bank account at maturity
  • Bank will mail notice of maturity two weeks prior to maturity
  • Account will automatically renew as of the maturity date, after the grace period, for a new 91-day term. Renewal interest rate will be rate in effect on maturity date
  • There is a seven calendar day grace period after the maturity date to withdraw funds without a penalty
  • Early withdrawal penalty is the greater of: One-twelfth of a year interest, on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty, if the withdrawal is made within the first 30 calendar days of the term All interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty
  • Statement produced monthly

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